Where are IST students completing their internships?

Where are IST students completing their internships?

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Company Name Position Title Major Option Job Description State Industry Type Sem & Yr
Collabrium Systems IT Development Intern IST ITINT Design and develop mobile timesheet application for the company which has around 150 employees based on the requirements provided using Google Cloud platform, MySQL Database and Angular or Python as language. IT Specialties Summer 2023
Penn State, College of IST research assistant CYAOP Dr. Kinyua in the college of IST on a research project in Cybersecurity. Worked as a research assistant on a project on the application of ML in cybersecurity. I will use the datasets provided to build ML models and test them. IT Specialties Summer 2023
Head digital works Intern analytics DATSC I have been put together with a team to analyze fraud detection related to the company's games and websites. Some of the responsibilities would be finding and analyzing data as well as developing solutions. IT Specialties Summer 2023
Emerald One, LLC IT intern IST ISDEV Assist the IT Director with implementing security policies, managing the Microsoft applications suite, and administration of SaaS products. Consulting Summer 2023
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Providence RI Field Office Student Volunteer SRA IAM I will be working with the Resident Agent in Charge and other staff members of the Providence Field Office to work on assignments related to criminal investigations. My responsibilities will consist of building intelligence packets to support ongoing criminal investigations and to work with ATF technology to provide actionable leads to ongoing investigations. Along with this, I will be observing agents and how they conduct their investigations. RI Government Summer 2023
FIS Global Intern, Risk Analyst SRA IAM Assisting in Risk Analysis projects and getting to now the team as well as corporate culture. WI Financial Markets & Banking Services Summer 2023
KBR National Security Solutions Intern CYAOP Observe and work with teams in the division of the information security at KBR. Identify opportunities for automation in support of classified systems. Participate in security assessments supporting KBR’s ISO 27001 certification. Work with the organization's eDiscovery system. Participate in risk assessment reviews and KBR’s 3rd-party cyber risk project. PA Aerospace & Defense Summer 2023
New Pig Corporation Software Development Intern CYAOP I will be working with the IT team on a project to improve the New Pig website's chatbot. PA Consumer Products & Manufacturing Summer 2023
First Quality IT Associate IST ITINT -Windows 11 computer imaging and user deployment
-Application installation and troubleshooting
-Cellular and desk phone configuration and deployment
-Minor networking - patching over and testing
PA Consumer Products & Manufacturing Summer 2023
Russell Reynolds Associates Security Intern CYAOP Completing projects assigned by the members of the Information Systems Department. NY Consulting Summer 2023
HUB International Student Health Insurance Specialist DATSC In this position I analyze student data and insurance coverages. I also intern under the data team to learn about how they use data the predict future coverage costs and other premiums. PA Insurance Summer 2023
CareMetX LLC Summer 2023 Information Security Intern IST ITINT **Cannot provide specific details as most of my responsibilities are classified** - Attend daily security meetings and weekly - Generate *classified reports - Work with various development teams to ensure proper security procedures are being followed throughout daily tasks MD IT Specialties Summer 2023
Merck & Co Associate Specialist, Administrative Services IST My role is being an IT intern in Disease Biology and Pharm Tox. I will be working in an IT product management team and my primary responsibility will be to define user stories and business processes for Merck laboratory scientists leveraging imaging technologies for pre-clinical safety and discovery research. These user stories will be used in decisions on whether to build or buy products and will be transformed an acceptance criterion if a decision is made to build. Some of my additional responsibilities may include technical tasks such as requesting risks assessments for new software, cataloging software, and tools, and updating user manuals or product guides. I am also expected to track my work in Jira and learn how to contribute to an Agile product team. NJ Medical/Healthcare Institutions/R&D Summer 2023
Berkshire Bank ustomer Service Associate SRA ICS Assist with financial transactions. Ensure every day compliance. Handling of personal/confidential information. Record and verify monthly branch balancing records and audits. Information protection of the organization and clients though means such as, of example, dual control, and multi-factor authentication. CT Financial Markets & Banking Services Summer 2023
Lightspeed(Mission Staff is the hiring company) Business Intelligence Intern DATSC Responsibilities: ● Review, execute, and automate standard data related tasks that are key to business continuity ● Design, Build, and Maintain ETL pipelines, jobs, and processes for downstream analytics and data science use ● Spec, Design, and Build BI jobs, dashboards, and reports for a variety of stakeholders ● Performing exploratory data analysis to surface useful merchant and brand insights ● Designing and developing data visualizations to share data insights ● Communicating and presenting findings to business partners ● Translating business requirements into conceptual, logical and physical data models Retail & Wholesale Distribution Summer 2023
AmerisourceBergen Data and Cyber Security - Intern IST ITINT Assistance with the deployment and upkeep of the information security department’s website content. Provide first level compliance monitoring and investigations. Assist with forensics analysis and fact gathering. Assist with vulnerability assessments and penetration testing for specific applications, services, networks and servers as required. Assist with applications/tools including but not limited to SIEM, IPS, Netflow, e-mail gateway protection, and DLP tools. Perform compliance audits against institutionally accepted security controls. Record and track IT security incidents, including but not limited to copyright violations, compromised accounts, e-mail threats, and abuse reports from various sources. Other duties as assigned. Other Summer 2023
Troila (Zhuolang) Technology Data Analysis Assistant DATSC As a Data Analytics Associate, my responsibility is to assist the Data Science team with data analysis and interpretation. My daily tasks included collecting and cleaning data, running analytical models and algorithms, generating reports and visual charts, and collaborating with team members to interpret and explain the results of the analysis. IT Specialties Summer 2023
Cruzzie Backend Engineer Intern IST ITINT Develop, and maintain APIs and integrations with multiple API endpoints Support the development of automation scripts and workflows to optimize processes Collaborate with other developers to ensure code quality and functionality Gather requirements from stakeholders and deliver solutions that align with business needs ・Optimize code for performance, scalability, and maintainability Write clean, well-documented, and testable code Debug and troubleshoot issues as needed Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and trends in backend development We will ask you to develop using typescript and python language Other Summer 2023
Textron Inc. Information Technology Intern CYAOP - Assist in the design, development, and implementation of new or improved systems and processes. - Solve complex technical issues. - Facilitate automation of repetitive tasks. - Identify, track and resolve issues and risks affecting tasks/assignments. - Attend meetings with employees at all levels of the organization and contribute to big picture business discussions. - Other value-add assignments and projects in IT as assigned. RI NA Summer 2023
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Intern CYAOP Data analysts Chemicals & Petroleum Summer 2023
Szymanski Consulting inc. Cyber Security Intern CYAOP Working with the Szymanski team on security processes. Working with there vendor Galactic Scan on Security assessments. PA Consulting Summer 2023
SRA 421 – The Intelligence Environment - Project Development Internship Intern HCDD Detailed researcher Critical thinking skills Able to work in collaborative teams Able to write well thought out analysis Able to present an argument and decision brief Able to conduct analysis Able to work independently Able to provide feedback with self-evaluations and ability to evaluate others Preferred SRA student, but completion of SRA 421 not required for consideration. Strong written and oral communications skills and demonstrated ability to manage assignments and meet deadlines both independently and as a team member. PA IT Specialties Summer 2023
Lavner Education IT Intern CYAOP IT support, teaching a range of different basic-level camps which include cybersecurity and Info Security, private support, and camp pre and post-prep PA Education Summer 2023
EMANDI LAW FIRM PC I.T. Support Role IST My work at this law firm would entail assisting in day-to-day IT operations under the supervision of the lead IT person Mr. John ( under supervision as it is sensitive information such as legal info & forms), they include:
Multi-User Setup & maintenance for their staff (utilizing VMs on a server),
Database file filing (entry, organization & Centralization),
Possibly even helping convert to a cloud database/server system (have been speaking to the IT Lead about this, which would occur in June/July).

I would commute daily (I live in NJ, and the firm is in NYC) "working" 10 - 5 on weekdays.
NY Other Summer 2023
Kiski Area School District Cybersecurity Intern SRA ICS - review and update documentation for policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines
- assisting with first level compliance monitoring and investigations
- assisting with forensic analysis and fact gathering
- assisting with vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
- assisting with applications/tools including but not limited to EDR, SIEM, IAM, SWG, and BC/DR
PA IT Specialties Summer 2023
DTC Inc. Asset Administrator CYAOP The responsibilities include managing and maintaining computer devices, handling inventory, disposing and erasing storage media, preparing devices for on-site installation, provisioning and configuring various hardware and software systems, documentation of tasks, delivering assets and equipment, and other assigned duties. MD IT Specialties Summer 2023
Lockheed Martin Corporation Cybersecurity Systems Engineer Intern - College Student Tech Sr CYAOP Perform various cybersecurity engineering tasks, generation of requirements, models, procedures, and reports. Perform verification testing and vulnerability analysis. Support lab testing events and integration efforts. NJ Aerospace & Defense Summer 2023
Lockheed Martin Cyber Security Systems Engineering Intern CYAOP Conduct vulnerability assessments and apply patches to secure systems, modify settings to maintain and improve overall system security, maintain and update security documentation, such as policies and guidelines. CT Aerospace & Defense Summer 2023
Greenwich Country Day School Technology Support SRA ICS Help set up and roll out laptops to faculty and staff for the upcoming school year. add computers to the domain. install necessary software. set up user accounts. run all updates. Replace, update or clean existing technology used in classrooms (smartboards, PC computers). Assist in updating the SIS (Student Information System). add, remove and update new, current and former students and families. ensure data consistency and accuracy within the database. Verify Wireless Network keys are unique, assign new keys to new faculty, staff and students. Provide in-person tech training for new faculty/staff as well as new students on how to use their Windows Laptops and answer any questions. Add or remove user email and active directory accounts from certain permissions. Edit permissions based on roles. Work with Network Administrator on creating new or removing old Active Directory entries based on student lists and faculty/staff employment. Use the Ticket System Dashboard - ZenDesk to help solve support tickets that come in. Fall Semester Session: Refresh returning students, faculty and staff on laptop software and provide training sessions as needed. Assist with editing and managing the Student Information System as needed. Assist the technology department with fixing technology issues that arise. Fixing printer issues. Fixing laptop hardware and software issues. Assist with issues with smartboard computers. Help with any audio/video issues that arise during presentations or assemblies. Help manage computer inventory on the network, making sure student computers do not have unauthorized software installed. Create instructional videos for students and faculty based on recurring issues to add into a Helpdesk Database. Use the Ticket System Dashboard - ZenDesk to help solve support tickets that come in. CT Education Summer 2023
TDS Telecom Intern - Tech IST ISDEV Contributing to various projects in the IT department, specific assignment to the IT Privacy, Security and Governance Team. Will complete projects such as policy and procedure reviews/updates, security testing, and other duties related to IT security. Telecommunications Summer 2023
OST (Optimal Solutions and Technologies) Corporate Intern DATSC My responsibilities will include implementing data anonymization and privacy practices on datasets within the company using techniques such as k-Anonymization and Differential Privacy. I will be ingesting data and practicing data engineering techniques to prepare the data for descriptive/predictive analysis. The goal through all of this is to employ disruptive technologies in AI and deep learning. IT Specialties Summer 2023
ADNOC data Science intern DATSC he company name is ADNOC the leading company in the United Arab Emirates. I’ll be a data Science intern in the panorama room which is a digital room that generated 1 billion dollar of value. Other Summer 2023
ENGAGEathon Technical Project Manager Lead ETCHI My responsibilities will be to assist the Project Managers with any and all technical problems they have, complete work on various technical projects as necessary for each PM, and handle technical projects related to the day-to-day functions of each company. So far I have set up a collaboration space in Discord for communication between team members and project managers. I have also completed a swimlane diagram for one of the companies showing the flow of assets. IT Specialties Summer 2023
LBMC Cyber Security consultant intern CYAOP will be an intern with learning and hands-on work with the risk service department with clients and LBMC. The main thing related to my major would be working with frameworks like NIST, Hippa, and PCI guidelines to better secure networks and companies' pre-existing frameworks. TN Consulting Summer 2023
MoFa - Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE CYAOP I'll be working in the IT department specifically in the security operation center. Government Summer 2023
Code Ninjas Coding Instructor/Summer Camp Instructor ETCHI My responsibilities include working with children to determine their skill set, discussing different opportunities with parents, assisting students with their coding lessons, reviewing the curriculum(3D printing, robotics Roblox studios, mc creator, coding in python) and working through it with the children, setting up and managing the different equipment, lead and/or assist PowerPoint presentations. PA Education Summer 2023
Pennsylvania State University Part-Time Research Assistant CYAOP The College of IST Cyber Security Lab is hiring a part-time research po‐ sition. We are looking for a summer research assistant who has exper‐

tise in both network security and machine learning. In particular, the re‐
tise in both network security and machine learning. In particular, the re‐ searcher will work on building a test system which uses deep learning techniques to generate more effective test cases testing a large set of firewall rules: the testing results should provide new insights on identi‐ fying shadow rules in real-world firewall systems. The researcher should have solid background in intrusion detection rules, firewall sys‐ tems, and learning useful AI models.
This position is a part-time hourly position expected to work up 35 hour per week during the summer.
The Pennsylvania State University is committed to and accountable for advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainability in all of its forms. We embrace individual uniqueness, foster a culture of inclusion that supports both broad and specific diversity initiatives, leverage the educational and institutional benefits of diversity in society and nature, and engage all individuals to help them thrive. We value inclusion as a core strength and an essential element of our public service mission.
Pursuant to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act and the Pennsylvania Act of 1988, Penn State publishes a combined Annual Security and Annual Fire Safety Re‐ port (ASR). The ASR includes crime statistics and institutional policies concerning campus security, such as those concerning alcohol and drug use, crime prevention, the reporting of crimes, sexual assault, and other matters. The ASR is available for review at https://www.police.p‐ su.edu/annual-security-reports.
Employment with the University will require successful completion of background check(s) in accordance with University policies.
Penn State is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, and is committed to providing employment opportunities to all qualified ap‐ plications without regards to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orien‐ tation, gender identify, national origin, disability or protected veteran sta‐ tus. If you are unable to use our online application process due to an im‐ pairment or disability, please contact 814-865-1473.
Federal Contractors Labor Law Poster PA State Labor Law Poster
Penn State Covid-19 Vaccination or Testing Requirements
Penn State is committed to the health of our local and global communi‐ ties. As a condition of employment, all employees are required to com‐ ply with COVID-19 vaccination or testing requirements. Click on Penn State Covid-19 Vaccination or Testing Requirements to learn about the requirements as well as general COVID-19 information at Penn State.
Affirmative Action Penn State Policies Copyright Information Hotlines
PA Education Summer 2023
Giant Food Stores Asset Protection Intern CYAOP My primary responsibilities will be to ensure the safety and security of the store's assets, employees, and customers. Specifically, I will be tasked with monitoring the store's security cameras, identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities, and working with others to implement strategies to prevent theft and other security breaches. Additionally, I will be trained on and responsible for conducting various audits, such as safety, operational, and inventory audits. PA Retail & Wholesale Distribution Summer 2023
Kuwait Misson to the United Nations in New York Cybersecurity intern CYAOP I will be assisting, monitoring, and shadowing any technology, cyber security, and IT-related activities within the organization. NY Government Summer 2023
BNY Mellon Pittsburgh Operations Intern CYAOP My line of business will be within the treasury services operations. Over the summer, I will be working on various projects related to client detail security. I will be processing confidential client remittance detail using OPEX Gemini and Falcon Scanners, as well as using an application called ImageRPS to verify the validity of scanned confidential documents. I will conduct a project that securely archives client documents within a 60-day window. I will perform quality control on a large amount of archived client detail and process boxes of information for a third party company . These tasks relate to risk and compliance within the realm of cybersecurity. I also conduct my day-to-day work within a secured facility. On a weekly basis, I will shadow the BNYM Cybersecurity department to study the technological infrastructure within the firm. PA Financial Markets & Banking Services Summer 2023
Whiting-Turner Information Security Letter CYAOP I will be learning to investigate phishing emails to determine the type of attack, scope, impact, and how it fits within an Incident Response Plan. I will also be assisting Security Technicians as needed with projects and investigations within the log server. MD Other Summer 2023
NMR events IT team member IST Not Provided IT system monitoring and maintenance NJ IT Specialties Summer 2023
RSM US Government Risk Strategy Consulting Intern ETCHI Conduct assessments identify risks within an organizations cyber security governance compliance programs. Determine technical, business impact and likelihood of identified security issues and provide remediation guidance to clients. Work with a variety of cyber security and privacy frameworks such as ISO, NIST, CIS. Measure and report clients’ compliance with established industry or National/International government requirements such as PCI DSS, CMMC, FEDRAMP, GDPR, CCPA, etc. Contribute to the development of security governance and compliance programs for our clients. Support the development and implementation of tools such as eGRC, used to help manage security programs across a variety of organizations. Develop metrics and reporting for security programs. CT Consulting Summer 2023
Deltamine Inc Cybersecurity Intern CYAOP Interning for a tech consultant company in which I am assigned tasks including shadowing cyber security professionals in the field, working with others in projects and deliverables to help obtain certifications/credentials such as the CWA Industry Recognized Credential/Certificate (which is a certificate relating to the identification, detection, protection against, response to, and recovery from an insider threat) among others, preparing presentations projects for clients, and testing/assessing IT control design and operation effectiveness. Consulting Summer 2023
Penn State Altoona Research Assistant CYAOP I will be a research assistant under Professor Rizvi.

My primary tasks will include, as the role suggests, performing research on cybersecurity-related topics such as 'the growth and use of AI and Machine Learning". I will be in contact with him multiple times a week over the course of this, updating him on my findings and building the research paper. I will also maintain documents and review our work for any errors. I plan on being incredibly involved with this work. We have yet to begin our assignment, so I am not 100% certain what the research is, but I am absolutely positive it will involve topics heavily related to my Cybersecurity major. The growth and use of AI and Machine Learning was a topic we discussed, so I believe we are doing something with that.

Although what I am doing is research, Dr. Rizvi determined that I will still be doing over 300 hours of work towards the research paper. It will be done during the Summer 2023 semester, so I will have plenty of time to focus a lot of my efforts to do the research and complete my requirements.
IT Specialties Summer 2023
Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications Office (UAE) Trainee DATSC This internship program allows trainee to work on various projects in the office in relation to Data and AI. Government Summer 2023
CAI IT - Intern HCDD • Responsible for gathering, modifying and recommending business requirements for information technology projects.
• Reviews incidents as reported by the business and analyze for possible trends
• Perform minor code changes to correct software errors
• Develop enhancements to existing applications based on business requirements
• Create Knowledge Articles to solve common issues
• Work as part of a team to develop solutions to business requirements
• Support IT internal and external facing systems
• Create documentation as part of the support process
• Work with ITSM tools to update and manage open incidents
• Create Root Cause Analysis
IT Specialties Summer 2023
Toyota Engineer Intern HCDD Toyota is working towards an initiative called the Way Forward Fund that focuses on providing support and technology for children with traumatic brain injury. The initiative is looking at launching requests for proposals for future grantees and part of my work will be exploring these communities that would be affected by these proposals from a human-centered perspective, conducting user research and developing personas to understand their experiences better. I will also be evaluating the pros and cons of certain technologies being used in these communities, for example there is a proposed digital platform to support rehabilitation in TBI (traumatic brain injury) in rural areas and I would be working on how to ensure that this platform meets the criteria for the users they are targeting. TX Consumer Products & Manufacturing Summer 2023
Pennsylvania Child Support Enforcement Training Institute (PACSETI) Programmer/Analyst Intern IST ISDEV Tasks include:
Enhancing the user experience of the LMS by analyzing the PACSETI Learning Management System (LMS) and proposing an information architecture for navigation menus.
Enhancing the user interface of the LMS Dashboard by developing a functional prototype using the Laravel open-source PHP web framework, the Vue.js JavaScript framework, and CSS.
Testing LMS features and troubleshooting bugs and defects to support ongoing LMS development efforts.
PA Education Summer 2023
Merck & Co. IST ISDEV You will work with the User Experience product team within the IT Customer Experience product line to drive technology experience improvements for colleagues. This will involve voice of the customer and focus group sessions (UX workshops), customer journey mapping (to help identify pain points in current systems or processes and to map out what good looks like) and action planning to work with identified product team(s) to drive changes that result in user experience improvements for our colleagues world-wide. You will have a chance to work with both IT and business area colleagues to gather employee sentiments and develop relationships along the way. You will also have opportunities to interact with global colleagues. PA Medical/Healthcare Institutions/R&D Summer 2023
Curry Supply Co PC Technician Intern IST Not Provided Networking, troubleshooting, Data, IT support PA IT Specialties Summer 2023
Demme Learning Helpdesk Intern IST Not Provided Solving internal IT problems via a helpdesk ticketing system.
Working with, updating, and maintaining Windows workstations and mobile devices on the corporate network.
Install and setup new workstations and devices on the network and physically, and upgrade existing workstations.
Writing switch configurations.
Assist in the planning and implementation of various IT projects.
Website maintenance and conversion.
PA Education Summer 2023
Price waterhouse Cooper PwC Cyber Security Consulting Intern CYAOP My tasks during this internship are Compliance monitoring and investigations; Assisting with forensics analysis and fact gathering; Assisting with vulnerability assessments and penetration testing for specific applications, services, networks, and servers as required. They relate to my major in cybersecurity as the internship aims to educate students on the essential concepts of cyber-defense and the analytical fundamentals of cybersecurity, just like my degree. NY Consulting Summer 2023
The Brooks Group Summer Intern SRA IAM I will be working on projects that include customer research, risk management consulting, and improving the company's information security practices. PA Consulting Summer 2023
State of Maryland / Morgan State University IST ISDEV Special Project
Will assist and review the planning and direction of technical resources necessary to develop and support strategic enterprise initiatives for information systems for the campus, including Ellucian Banner, CRM Recruit, and Degree Works
Typical duties also include providing ongoing support and maintenance, monitoring critical business activities, troubleshooting, and resolving complex issues.
Coordinate, oversee, and/or perform application upgrades.
Ensure coding standards are established and followed.
Provide technical expertise and guidance for all development tasks
Ensure documentation and functional and technical specifications are kept up-to-date.
Identify and resolve system issues and work closely with database and systems administration staff to maximize the function and effectiveness of enterprise applications.
MD Education Summer 2023
Legacy Property Management Data Security and Risk Analyst Intern SRA ICS Legacy Property Management works with several realty companies such as Sea Isle Realty, Sea Winds Realty, and Landis Realty. They store sensitive home owner information like names, house addresses, front door combinations, and they hold keys to the homes in their office. Financial information and monetary transactions are also stored, so the company needs help implementing security systems to protect this valuable information. One responsibility I will be tasked with is monitoring and analyzing the network and security systems. Because Legacy Property management is fairly new, I will also be helping the current security team create, test, and implement network disaster recovery plans. This is a beach town and sees flooding and other natural disasters more than other places. I will be assisting the company to prepare and recover from relevant potential disasters while keeping disaster recovery plans up to date. They are constantly getting new clients and adding sensitive information which needs to be added to the system and data recovery plans. Of course in the case of a disaster, I will be on call to help aid in the recovery process. NJ Other Summer 2023
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Multi-Discipline Security Officer Intern (MDSO) SRA IAM Responsibilities involve collection, analysis, and reporting of security or counterintelligence related information DC Government Summer 2023
Barracuda Networks Software Engineer | Content Security Engineer IST ITINT Include, but is not limited to, production application support, participation in on-call rotation, which entails being available 24/7 for two weeks to fix any production issues that may occur, continuous development, testing and validation of software, full execution of the SDLC, continuous development of documentation and diagrams to identify requirements, solutions, and current architecture, and cross-team development and support. Other Summer 2023
Capital Blue Cross Medical Economics & Data Science Intern CYAOP Apply my education background to data, analysis, data engineering, software development and statistics as well as my knowledge in economics. Will design and develop a data solution which will support decision making in their organization. Will gain understanding of organizational data infrastructure and first-hand knowledge of the economics within the healthcare industry. Will be offered a variety of experiences through work assignments, observation and social interactions. Insurance Summer 2023
Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) Cybersecurity Intern CYAOP I will understand how Cybersecurity works in the United Arab Emirates, documenting security issues, communicate these issues with the cybersecurity team, observe how cyber incidents are handled. Work with a variety of cyber analysis tools such as (Metasploit, Open source Inteligence tools, Kali Linux). These tasks are definitely related to my major as they apply what I have learned in my Cybersecurity courses to the real world. Telecommunications Summer 2023
Varieum LLC Full-time Intern IST ISDEV On-the-job learning new languages and environments (Flutter, Android Studio, VS Code, Dart, etc.). Front-end development using Flutter/.Dart. Back-end development using Java/SpringBoot. Learning how to apply coding and programming in practical scenarios. Working with senior programmers and developers. Help develop an app for class booking. Client is a tennis coach. Other Summer 2023
The iSchool Inclusion Institute Research Student HCDD I will be undertaking a yearlong experience that includes two summer institutes hosted by the University of Texas at Austin’s iSchool and a research project spanning the year. i3 prepares me for the rigors of graduate study and serves as a pipeline for i3 Scholars into internationally recognized information schools—the iSchools. TX IT Specialties Summer 2023
Success With Honor IT Specialist SRA IAM I am currently an IT specialist at Success With Honor. I am also responsible for data visualization and helping staff members with any information technology related solutions with the company. PA Other Summer 2023
Borough of State College IT Intern CYAOP My responsibilities will include at the very least, providing technical support via phone, email, and in-person; assigning tickets to the necessary team members; responding to IT related tasks; aiding in the implementation of companywide Two-Factor Authentication; and replacing, installing, and upgrading equipment. PA Government Summer 2023
Penn State Applied Research Laboratory Guidance and Control Research & Development Internship CYAOP My duties include researching, developing, analyzing, implementing, and testing new capabilities for current and future pentesting systems. PA Other Summer 2023
Penn Medicine Security Risk Analysis Analyst SRA ICS Write up security risk assessment PA Medical/Healthcare Institutions/R&D Summer 2023
Estee Lauder Information Technology Intern CYAOP We will be given real-life experiences in an IT/IS business environment. We will also be given a mentor and challenging projects while learning about new relevant technologies. Towards the end of the summer we are expected to present what we completed over the course of the internship. NY Other Summer 2023
Saint-Gobain CertainTeed Data Engineering Intern DATSC I will mostly be assisting the Data Science and Engineering department as necessary, working on different projects throughout the summer using Snowflake, Jira, Power BI and more. PA Consumer Products & Manufacturing Summer 2023
Ernst & Young LLP US (EY) Launch Intern IST ISPP The EY Launch internship is a rotational, immersive internship that will allow me to build a strong foundation for professional development and services. This rotational internship exposes me to building skills in Tax, Assurance, and IT Consulting. I will support research analysis and problem solving using a variety of tools and techniques including Microsoft Excel and SQL queries. I will update controls and work papers that analyze the performance of clients' software systems. I will gain insight from analysis and data interpretation to identify client savings opportunities and put together an actionable business case. Finally, I will provide client support to EY teams through collaborative teamwork and project development. MD Consulting Summer 2023
Spencer’s Gifts Loss Prevention Internship CYAOP Maintain security system, troubleshoot technology, and download security footage. NJ Retail & Wholesale Distribution Summer 2023
Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory - Technology ETCHI This internship involves helping clients identify and understand technology risks as businesses change, analyze and improve the effectiveness of governance and financial and operational control
processes, offer recommendations to improve operations, assist clients with enterprise and compliance activities, be on the forefront of program transformation, strengthen overall risk management or implement technology to support the risk programs. I will have the opportunity to work on projects leveraging my degree to help clients more confidently make decisions to drive performance. I will help clients achieve their purpose driven agendas including change, the growth of their business, accelerate performance, and create organizational resilience.
DC Consulting Summer 2023
Consequential Flowers Data Security Risk Analyst and Interface Design Intern SRA IAM Work with an early-stage startup team to evaluate and assess the technology architecture and analyze the potential risks associated with the development of web applications.

Research and identify new applications or software relevant to development or the addition of new business partners.

Work to build and adapt a secure data pipeline to handle user information and document all methods and changes to ensure confidentiality and integrity.

Ensure data and applications used to handle data are secure and credible to protect user information and protect the company from financial or reputational risk.
Other Summer 2023
Lumen Technologies Cybersecurity Incident Response Engineer SRA Not Provided Transform - your skills and knowledge through challenging work projects
• Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CIRT)
Engineers are expected to respond to and mitigate/remediate cybersecurity alerts from
Lumen assets
• CIRT Engineers research and recommend preventative measures in conjunction with managing reactive alerts
• In addition, CIRT Engineers are responsible to evaluate current capabilities and predict future needs, then work with internal stakeholders, vendors and peers to anticipate, define, and pursue these capabilities
• As a Security Intern in our Global Network
Operations organization, you will work collaboratively with our team to ensure all security alerts are handled and improvements are made
• Tasks during the 10 weeks will include responding to alerts and running self-paced projects
• Work with the Cybersecurity Incident Response
Team (CIRT) to ensure all security alerts are handled and recommendations for improvements are made
Other Summer 2023
Penn State CYAOP Researching software defined networks and applying my cybersecurity knowledge and research to improving the security of these networks. NA Summer 2023
Sanofi Intern Security Analyst CYAOP My role includes tasks like security patching; information assurance; and for a few weeks, security operations center work. PA Medical/Healthcare Institutions/R&D Summer 2023
Aramco americas company SRA IAM The Co-Op Program Student will work with Aramco Americas and supply support to the Technical Services Department in TSD’s Information Technology Division for a 12-week assignment to assist with assigned items relevant to Information Sciences and Technology security risk analysis. TX Chemicals & Petroleum Summer 2023
Washington Penn Plastics Cybersecurity Intern CYAOP I am responsible for patching machines with security vulnerabilities as well as reviewing emails submitted that users think are malicious PA Consumer Products & Manufacturing Summer 2023
Erie Insurance Information Technology Intern II CYAOP Performs various tasks related to the achievement of division objectives.
Conducts research and gathers information and assists in creating presentations as required.
Analyzes data and reports findings.
Verifies and enters data into appropriate system, and updates electronic files.
Provides clerical and administrative support as needed.
Completes special projects as required.
PA Insurance Summer 2023
Arcosa Engineering intern ETCHI helping to design and/or develop products, processes, systems, services, or scientific applications using broad engineering concepts and research techniques. PA Consumer Products & Manufacturing Summer 2023
Penn State, Applied Research Lab IT Support Intern CYAOP Helping ARL employees with any IT issues that they face by creating, commenting on, and resolving IT tickets, answering phones to resolve user problems, and doing general IT support work for ARL. PA Government Summer 2023
Ernst & Young EY Technology Consulting Cybersecurity Intern CYAOP Understanding clients’ cultures and operations to influence important decisions on cybersecurity risks.
Helping clients drive business-led and technology-enabled transformation across a broad range of cybersecurity and business issues.
Monitoring progress, managing risks and ensuring key stakeholders are kept informed about progress and expected outcomes.
NY Consulting Summer 2023
Energage IT/Security Intern CYAOP Beginning by shadowing the IT department and Security team in day to day tasks. On the IT side, I shadow the management and troubleshooting of corporate devices. On the security side I shadow the creation and implementation of corporate security policy and software. PA Other Summer 2023
National Security Agency Signals Intelligence Collection Program Intern CYAOP In this program you will support NSA as a salaried intern by working on projects involving the development, production and modification of tools, software applications or hardware. You will have the opportunity to leverage your skills to support information collection strategies, implement mission initiatives with lawful compliance, manage collection tasks and understand critical mission data flows. You are mentored by experienced SIGINT professionals and will discover various career paths you could pursue in the future as full-time NSA employees. MD Government Summer 2023
Veolia North America GIS and Data Analytics Intern DATSC Within the GIS department, I will be updating data within the map system, completing work orders, changing EAMID numbers, linking data to work orders, as well as other small tasks. Within the Data Analytics department, I️ will be combining the information from GIS and work orders to help mine through data and be able to organize the immense amounts of information that is within the company into a database. NJ Energy & Utilities Summer 2023
Department of Defense- Training Resource Management Center (TRMC) 2023 TRMC STEM Intern CYAOP I will work with the Department of Defense Test Resource Management Center's (TRMC) STEM internship program. Work assignments are designed to acclimate interns to the fundamental concepts of Test and Evaluation (T&E). One goal of TRMC is to increase the capacity and capabilities of the National Cyber Range Complex (NCRC) in Patuxent River. I will assist the NCRC in conducting cyberspace testing, training, and mission rehearsal/preparation events. My work will support a wide variety of event types including science and technology demonstrations, developmental T&E, operational T&E, security controls assessments, cyberspace operations training, cyberspace tactics, techniques procedures development, forensics/malware analysis, and cyberspace operations mission rehearsal/preparation. MD Government Summer 2023
Fidelity Investments Client Service Operations IST Not Provided As a Client Service Operations Intern, I will be working with the operations division. Throughout my internship, I will be learning about the day-to-day operations at Fidelity. Fidelity is as much of a technology company as it is a financial institution. This internship is a great opportunity for me because Enterprise Technology Integration is a great major which does well with both business and technology. Additionally, I will be working on a capstone project with fellow interns. NJ Financial Markets & Banking Services Summer 2023
US Government Accountability Office Information Science and Cybersecurity Student Trainee CYAOP Identifying or developing methodologically sound techniques to audit and evaluate federal IT programs;
Learning new and complex IT-related material quickly to understand issues;
Research and and collecting relevant information that helps achieve audit objectives;
Conducting analyses to assess information collected about federal agencies IT practices and comparing them against IT best practices;
Developing findings and conclusions based on analyses;
Interviewing agency officials to obtain testimonial evidence to support audit findings and conclusions;
Observing federal agencies' IT systems management and security practices;
Writing reports and other written products that effectively communicate findings and information;
Communicating relevant information to agency officials, team members, internal stakeholders, and congressional staff, during formal and informal presentations, meetings, and/or interviews;
Collaborating with others to address issues or solve problems and follow up with others to ensure needs are met; and
Soliciting, listening to, and considering diverse perspectives, approaches, or viewpoint.
DC Government Summer 2023
Avanade Digital Identity Manager SRA Not Provided Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect- I specialize in analyzing clients' existing security infrastructure, leveraging my expertise in Microsoft security technologies to identify vulnerabilities, risks, and areas for improvement. I excel at crafting customized, end-to-end security solutions using Azure Active Directory, Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender for O365, Azure Information Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Azure Key Vault, Microsoft Defender for Identity, Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, and Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics to address clients' unique needs.

Additionally, my skills extend to implementing secure access controls with Azure AD, Active Directory Federation Services, and Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM) for robust identity and access management. I design secure network architectures using Azure Firewall, Azure Private Link, and Azure DDoS Protection, ensuring comprehensive network security.

Lastly, I establish and maintain security policies, procedures, and best practices to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements, utilizing tools like Microsoft Secure Score for continuous security posture improvement.

Solution Architecture - Tasked with overseeing the entire project lifecycle, from concept to implementation. This involves solution planning, drafting statements of work, obtaining stakeholder approval, and providing precise estimates for Accenture-managed Avanade engagements. I balance responsibilities between parties, create staffing plans, and estimate effort with a comprehensive design approach that incorporates both Agile and Waterfall methodologies. I also establish clear project phase metrics and deliverables to ensure timely and efficient execution.
IT Specialties Summer 2023
The Pennsylvania State University IST Undergraduate Research Assistant IST ISDEV I will be assisting Professor Johnson Kinyua in his research on algorithms, applied machine learning, and data mining techniques in applications for wildlife conservation. I will learn new methods and techniques for research and data collection that will be valuable in my future career as an IT professional. IT Specialties Summer 2023
Parnisha Inc Data Science Intern DATSC Some of my responsibilities are collecting, clean, and manage their data. I also will be performing analysis on the data to help their business using PowerBI. Retail & Wholesale Distribution Summer 2023
Horizon Farm Credit Bank IT intern CYAOP I will be helping run an IT help desk along with creating and managing networks. PA Financial Markets & Banking Services Summer 2023
CrowdStrike Falcon Complete Analyst Intern HCDD I will be assisting the Falcon Complete team analyzing malware, and assisting the development team of the product TX IT Specialties Summer 2023
Tait Towers Global Technology Solutions Intern ETCHI - Assist in planning and implementation of cloud architecture.
- Look for process or procedure improvements and make any necessary documentation of the improvements to flowcharts and checklists.
- Train staff on updated systems.
- Investigate problems and determine resolutions.
PA Other Summer 2023
Chatham Financial Information Security Intern CYAOP Tasks will include assisting with planning and conducting vulnerability scans, supporting internal security audits, assisting in upgrading endpoint protection, helping set up the security awareness program, and other tasks with the internal information security team. PA Financial Markets & Banking Services Summer 2023
WYC Inc Surveillance camera installer IST ITINT The job's main duties were to set up the system and install the camera for different clients. To set it all up, it uses PoE(802.3af) technology to build the LANs connection and connect the cameras using cat6 lines to connect between switches & and routers so building up a local ipv4 server to look over for all the cameras. That's part of my duties, even though my title shows as "Surveillance camera installer", I also cover multiple duties to install other smart home products like smart auto door locks, fire alarms, and home lighting systems control installation, and I may need to help my team build small servers to connect multiple PCs/monitors/routers/wifis/servers for local small companies when in need. PA IT Specialties Summer 2023
Sheetz Software Engineer Intern CYAOP During my internship, I will be working with a team of software engineers who are a part of Sheetz's "Enterprise Architecture team" to assist in the development of what they call an "Executive Dashboard". The goal of this executive dashboard is to create a visual representation of the company's performance in real time for
Leadership utilization
PA Retail & Wholesale Distribution Summer 2023
PepsiCo Business Analysis - Enterprise Solutions CYAOP operates global, agile teams that provide robust and scalable enterprise-wide solutions that power and secure PepsiCo’s growth. NY Consumer Products & Manufacturing Summer 2023
Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute Software Intern CYAOP I worked with my team to develop specific software requirements to meet verification needs. The software was written in the IAR Workbench in C code. I am working on getting the software to compile in an environment with gcc using VMware. After I get the software to run, I will be statically analyzing the program and working on different tactics to break it to ensure proper verification is met.

In addition, I have been working on learning Python and C which I will be utilizing to write scripts to evaluate the level of risk for future software. These test cases aim to measure the level of risk using quantifiable data rather than subjective information.
PA Other Summer 2023
NSA - Marine Forces Cyber (MARFORCYBER) Apprentice IST Not Provided Work as a team to complete different challenges and projects that the Marine Corps Cyber Command faces on a daily basis. MD Government Summer 2023
Prudential Financial Software Engineering Intern IST ISDEV Web & Application Development, Cloud Architecture & Operations, Platform Engineering, Information and Cybersecurity, Enterprise Service Management and Database Management

Designing & developing code based on the provided technical requirements, and completing test scenarios to insure the stability and performance of all new code

Applying Splunk to run complex data analytics on machine-generated data, while using Ansible and CloudFormation to automate application deployment, configuration, and infrastructure-as-code delivery

Researching and managing third party vendor products and integrations using Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and application toolkits

Supporting various components of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) while using various programming languages like Python and Java
NJ Financial Markets & Banking Services Summer 2023
Department of State Student Intern SRA IAM Working specifically in the Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy but also the Department of State as a whole. I will be working in the Strategic Planning and Communication Unit. DC Government Summer 2023
Penn State Applied Research Laboratory IT Project Management Intern ETCHI Focus on application of business analysis and project management best practices

Contribute to projects that focus on improvements to Technology Management, Security & Compliance, Research Enablement, and Business & Administration

Contribute to the development and expansion of ePMO best practices, standardization of PM processes, tool, and template development

Work alongside experienced Project Managers, a diverse group of internal and external customers, as well as contractors, throughout the internship
Other Summer 2023
Mubadala DATSC Work on statistical and data science related fields in the company Financial Markets & Banking Services Summer 2023
Shijiazhuang Binyue Machinery & Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd IT support assistant ETCHI Basic IT helpdesk work, system maintenance, and database management Energy & Utilities Summer 2023
Sheetz System Support Services IT Internship IST ITINT In this position I will be doing many things including technical support, testing applications and products, projects, and assisting with technical support documentation. PA Retail & Wholesale Distribution Summer 2023
Amazon Web Services Cloud Support Associate CYAOP Collaborate with AWS engineers to learn about AWS services and practice troubleshooting techniques. Apply new skills through customer case simulations. TX IT Specialties Summer 2023
Borough of State College Information Technology Paid Internship IST Provide technology support via phone, email, and in person.
Follow up on tickets with pending responses from end users.
Coordinates the production of public service announcements, newsletter articles, email notifications, and website content.
PA Government Summer 2023
ImageFIRST healthcare laundry specialist IT Security Intern SRA ICS Work day to day with the security specialist to minimize all company threats and to review possible consultants PA Medical/Healthcare Institutions/R&D Summer 2023
LastLine Cyber Security Analytics Intern CYAOP • Preparation and pre-risk assessment research and planning
• Development of risk treatment plans including control selection
• Deployment and administration of endpoint monitoring and management applications
• Deployment and administration of antivirus
• Development of information security policies and procedures
• Installation and configuration of security hardware
• Installation and secure configuration of networking equipment
• Penetration testing requirement gathering
• Vulnerability scanning requirements gathering and deployment
PA IT Specialties Summer 2023
Thermo Fisher Data Engineer SRA ICS I will be working on the internal electronic signature platform making sure that throughout the entirety of the organization, it is maintained and secure. PA NA Summer 2023
West Monroe Cybersecurity Consulting Intern CYAOP Solving business problems using new technologies, working with clients on a collaborative team, learning about threat hunting, incident response, and advisory within cybersecurity, problem solving. NY Consulting Summer 2023
Penn State, Applied Research Lab Research and development engineer IST ISDEV Redesign website according to fundamentals of human-centered design. PA Government Summer 2023
Booz Allen Hamilton University, Software Engineer Intern CYAOP Though the title is Software Engineer, the focus is still security oriented. I will be assigned a group to work on a task that will have to be presented later on in the semester. MD Government Summer 2023
Merck Emerging Talent IT Internship ETCHI I will be part of the Merck IT Emerging Talent Program. I will work alongside experienced Merck IT personal and Merck business colleagues to enhance medical providers engagement with patients, aid scientists to efficiently discover new medicines, gather and categorize data efficiently for clinical trials, and streamline supply and distribution channels. NJ Medical/Healthcare Institutions/R&D Summer 2023
KPMG Technology Assurance Audit Federal Practice SRA IAM Prepare effective documentation regarding the client’s process of Information Technology system, execute testing of clients IT controls, support the use of data and analytics, use technologies and data analysis tools, learn emerging technologies to use intelligent automation. DC Consulting Summer 2023
Charles River Laboratories Info Security Intern IST Not Provided ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:

Follow and execute directives issued by management and senior employees.
Support day-to-day activities performed by the assigned team.
Learn to manage tools and solutions implemented throughout the organization.
Work with senior members of the team to learn basic tools, processes, procedures, and responsibilities of that team’s specific focal area.
Execute tasks requested by team members, such as analysis, investigation, reporting, development, and maintenance of general cybersecurity upkeep.
Attain proven proficiency with various cybersecurity tools used to perform front-end troubleshooting and general triage, employee training, risk assessment, etc..
Read daily cybersecurity resources to stay current on security threats and vulnerabilities.
Perform other duties as assigned
Medical/Healthcare Institutions/R&D Summer 2023
Abu Dhabi Police Intern CYAOP Learn the intricacies of each department related to cybersecurity forensics Government Summer 2023
Exiger Security Operation Intern CYAOP I will be assisting the cyber security teams in anything they need by attending meetings and learning from managers and other peers. IT Specialties Summer 2023
URBN Security Analyst Intern CYAOP - support team in monitoring computing environment for potential security risks and anomalies
- prepare systems and process documentation
- experience with top cybersecurity tools
- cyber resiliency, incident response, and technical implementation activities
PA Retail & Wholesale Distribution Summer 2023
Oracle Consulting Technical Intern ETCHI My responsibilities will be working with the database consulting practice on whatever needs may arise during the project or projects/training and shadowing with members of the team. I’m not sure how specific I’m allowed to be about what I know about the projects at the moment since I signed a confidentiality agreement, but they stated that they would likely be working on a database migration project during the time I will be there. TX IT Specialties Summer 2023
United Health Services Student/Intern SRA ICS Working in Governance Risk Compliance team in cybersecurity department.
Managing third party contracts and assessing risks from external vendors.
PA Medical/Healthcare Institutions/R&D Summer 2023
Achieva IT Intern CYAOP -Perform day-to-day activities such as backup procedures, security, file management, system utilities, and hardware operations.
-Perform troubleshooting resulting from personal computer questions and issues.
-Assist in training personnel to use systems as directed, including leading training sessions
-Perform on/off-site installations and repairs as needed, documenting the processes and procedures taken.
-Provide help desk services, assisting users in the operation of computers, applications, and networks
PA Other Summer 2023
Benefix Intern SRA IAM Reviewing company policies and procedures to maintain and improve company security. PA Insurance Summer 2023
First National Bank Data Management Intern DATSC ETL development/management, exposure to enterprise data assets (i.e. Master Data, EDW, Metadata, etc.), training on SQL and analytics platform, and participation in data quality and governance projects with business units across FNB. PA Financial Markets & Banking Services Summer 2023
PwC CYAOP Implementing and executing the designed solutions while working to complement and enhance our clients’ ongoing security operations functions; Analyzing and assessing business and/or technical security and privacy issues. NY Consulting Summer 2023