Where are IST students completing their internships?

Where are IST students completing their internships?

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Company Name Position Title Major Option Job Description State Industry Type Sem & Yr
Synchrony Financial CYAOP Member of the business leadership program as a technology intern responsible for incident response CT Financial Markets & Banking Services Summer 2022
Iconic Web Headquarters Web Designer CYAOP It is my responsibility to design attractive, effective websites for clients of all industries and size. On top of this, I also maintain some company IT infrastructure, including security components of a web server. PA Other Summer 2022
PricewaterhouseCoopers Emerging Technology Lab Technologist DATSC Will work with the Emerging Technology team to support all existing and new projects under development. Being apart of the Operations team will provide the opportunity to support the engagement teams operationally. Through this involvement, I will use my knowledge of data science and engage with other technology specialists in my field to learn more. I will learn more about newer technology advancements, such as MetaVerse concept in making the digital universe a reality. Will work with a diverse set of team members and learn different cultural norms in doing business. Consulting Summer 2022
Prof. Sharon Huang’s research lab Undergraduate research assistant DATSC I will use data science and artificial intelligence methods to analyze text and image data. One example task is to generate captions or short descriptions about an image or a video using computer vision techniques. Another example task is to generate an image given a short text description. I may also explore the application of data science and AI to music data analysis and generation PA Education Summer 2022
Verizon CYAOP I will be using analytical tools, like Splunk, to monitor event data. VA Telecommunications Summer 2022
Surge Business Development DATSC I am data anlyst of some consulting stuff of company. PA Consulting Summer 2022
Perkiomen School Technology Intern ETCHI My responsibilities will include setting up the school’s network, and data for the new school year. I will be working with Microsoft Office 2010/2013/2016 and office 365, Windows 10 operating systems and PC hardware, LAN/WAN and TCP/IP networking, and Apple products including iPads. PA Education Summer 2022
Picatinny Arsenal, NJ Cyber Software Engineer Intern CYAOP Assist with cybersecurity related projects. NJ Government Summer 2022
Pennsylvania State University / Office of Phyiscal Plant (Facility Automation Services) Linux Systems Administrator 3 IST ISDEV Management of Linux (Primary) and Windows (Secondary) servers/systems with OPP/FAS. PA Education Summer 2022
United States Navy/ Naval Expeditionary Intelligence Command SRA ICS My daily tasks require proper handling and safeguarding of classified information and material. As an Intelligence specialist I work in a secure space where bluetooth devices and personal electronic devices are not allowed. Additionally, as an Intelligence Specialist I perform daily analysis in the interests of the US government utilizing many forms of Security Risk Analysis and Information Science Technology. VA Government Summer 2022
Fulton Bank Information Security Intern CYAOP · A major upgrade to Fulton’s existing employee security awareness education

· Cyber threat intelligence reporting enhancements for management and the Fulton user community

· Cyber Security Awareness Month preparations

· Creation of educational resources for employees to support existing Information Security functions

· A special project to promote Cybersecurity as a career
PA Financial Markets & Banking Services Summer 2022
Liberty Mutual Insurance HCDD I will be working in a team environment that utilizes the Agile methodology. We will be programming in Java, developing front-end solutions. I will be working with mentors to assist me with these responsibilities and will be reporting to a manager for my team. Insurance Summer 2022
Lockheed Martin CYAOP Intern in Cyber Security Systems Engineering. Perform Cyber Security Systems Engineering tasks including but not limited to generation of requirements, models, procedures, and reports, and performing verification testing, vulnerability scanning, performance metric testing, and supporting lab installation and integration efforts. NJ Aerospace & Defense Summer 2022
KPMG LLP CYAOP - Help support the delivery of client engagements through the execution of tasks identified to reduce risk related to Information Security

- Help identify and evaluate complex business and technology risks, remediation methods to mitigate risks and security improvement opportunities

- Research and understand cyber security related topics, concepts, tools and processes to support client delivery

- Some individuals may be required to help deploy various technologies to establish data privacy and security controls which may include performing malware triage, cyber incident response host, network and mobile device forensics

- May provide support with some of the following areas: threat assessments, design and/or implementation of infrastructure/platform/software security, Cyber Response forensic lab, security monitoring and incident response methodology, information security risk assessment, data protection and privacy impact assessment, data classification or information governance, enterprise information security strategy, compliance monitoring and user awareness campaign, data leakage/content monitoring and filtering or data encryption and compliance readiness, such as PCI and HIPAA
NY Consulting Summer 2022
RSM DATSC Work with data security and privacy teams to ensure the Information Security of RSM clients. The team assists clients with selecting, improving, controlling, securing, managing, and monitoring the appropriate systems to address their information needs. Conduct risk assessments with cyber security governance compliance programs. Determine technical, business impact and likelihood of identified security issues. Develop metric and reporting for security programs. I am a applied data sciences major with an application focus in cybersecurity and information sciences and a minor in SRA, so this internship will be addressing similar aspects of my education in information privacy and security. PA Consulting Summer 2022
Banco General UX Designer IST ITINT I will be helping the Yappy team with UX design in digital transformation, market research, and interviews to users. Financial Markets & Banking Services Summer 2022
San Francisco Giants DATSC Utilizing technologies (TrackMan and YakkerTech) to collect data and finding insights from the data through projects, visualizations, and post-game reports. AZ Other Summer 2022
PricewaterhouseCoopers HCDD Be curious and try new things.
Learn about how PwC works as a business and adds value to clients.
Think broadly and ask questions about data, facts and other information.
Support research, analysis and problem solving using a variety of tools and techniques.
Produce high quality work which adheres to the relevant professional standards.
Keep up-to-date with technical developments for area of specialism.
Handle, manipulate and analyse data and information responsibly.
Communicate confidently in a clear, concise and articulate manner - verbally and in materials produced.
Embrace different points of view and welcome opposing and conflicting ideas.
Uphold the firm's code of ethics and business conduct.
Consulting Summer 2022
KPMg Intern Advisory, Cyber Security Services CYAOP This position requires evaluating complex business and technology risks, remediation methods to mitigate risks, and security improvement opportunities. Also, it involves research and understanding of cybersecurity-related topics, concepts, tools, and processes to support client delivery. CA Consulting Summer 2022
Erie Insurance Information Technology Intern SRA IAM Some of my roles include researching risk, learning how to code, sitting in on business meetings, and reporting to my mentor about any projects I will undertake (they haven't said what those projects specifically are because they are assigned as they come up but usually they have to do with coding or research so those are my main roles). I will also have chances to present my work to working professionals to build up my leadership and public speaking skills. All of this fits back into the major of SRA and can help me not just in my studies at Penn State but in my job after school. Insurance Summer 2022
Textron Systems SRA IAM Business Process Analyst Intern LA Aerospace & Defense Summer 2022
BillGO Security Team Cyber Security Intern CYAOP I will be working on bettering the security of a few systems at Billgo CO IT Specialties Summer 2022
PwC SRA ICS As an intern I will be expected to help to solve clients most critical business and data protection related challenges. I will be part of a growing team driving strategic programs, data analytics, innovation, deals, cyber resiliency, response, and technical implementation activities.

Skills and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Learn about how PwC works as a business and adds value to clients.

Think broadly and ask questions about data, facts and other information.

Use tools, techniques and firm standard methodologies to support research, analysis and problem solving.

Produce high quality work which adheres to the relevant professional standards.

Keep up-to-date with technical developments for business area.

Communicate confidently in a clear, concise and articulate manner - verbally and in written form.

Embrace diverse perspectives and welcome opposing and conflicting ideas.

Uphold the firm's code of ethics and business conduct.
DC Consulting Summer 2022
Montana State University's REU: Research Experiences in Cybersecurity Algorithms Undergraduate Researcher CYAOP In this project, students will draw upon ideas related to the relationship between vulnerabilities of a system to potential attacks and relate corresponding scenarios to an iterated zero-sum game. We will represent the risks associated with possible attacks using the form of a set of conditional Markov processes (or more generally a continuous-time Bayesian network) to model the potential progression of such a game and how a defender, potentially, could detect attacks and respond, thereby mitigating the effects of the attack. As an iterated game, the process then repeats where the attacker adjusts the attack scenario in response to the defense. The approach will be related to work being done for the US Navy in risk-based prognostics and health management (PHM) to show how system usage can be related to an attacker inducing different failure progression scenarios that increase risk to system operators, whereby a condition-based maintenance strategy can be associated with the defender, mitigating the effects of such attacks. MO Education Summer 2022
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) IT Summer Associate for Corporate Information Services IST ITINT I will be working with UPMC information systems and learning how they function in hospitals. I will work assignments that examine the efficiency of these systems, think of possible improvements, and become familiar with the hardware involved in them. PA Medical/Healthcare Institutions/R&D Summer 2022